About Our Logo

The MacLaren logo is a representation of the Golden Section, a numeric ordering system. In the ancient world many philosophers and mathematicians believed that certain numerical relationships revealed the harmony of the world.

The ancient Greeks understood proportions of nature and the human body through the Golden Section. Pythagoras studied its frequent appearance in geometry. Poets, artists, musicians and architects found the Golden Section inherent in their work. It continues to be a source of wonder. Today, students of architecture often begin their studies learning the properties of the Golden Section, found in both ancient and modern art and architecture, from the Parthenon to the United Nations Building in New York.

The spiral representation of the Golden Section is apparent in snails’ shells and seashells, the seeds of flowering plants, and the cross section of a Nautilus. Many great thinkers and doers, from Fibonacci to Thomas MacLaren, have found inspiration from this elegant, abiding shape.

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