All students will take the SAT at MacLaren in April of their junior year.  Students who choose to also take the ACT, or to take the SAT a second time, will need to register online, pay the registration fee, and take the test on a National Testing day.  It is recommended that students take both the SAT and ACT in the spring of Junior year. If students wish to attempt to increase a test score, then they can retest in the fall of senior year.  

There is a fee associated with taking college entrance exams. Fee waivers are available for students who demonstrate financial need.  To find out if you are eligible for a fee waiver, speak with the college counselor or look at SAT and ACT's eligibility guidelines. Fee waivers are obtained through the College Counseling office. 

Official score reports are sent to colleges and universities through the student's online account with SAT or ACT. It is important to remember usernames and passwords for these accounts.  There is a fee to send scores to colleges, universities or scholarship agencies.  

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